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Wedgewood Swim Club Update

Wedgie Wear

Wedgie Wear is available to order at  When you go to the website choose TEAM STORE in the upper right hand corner, then choose SHOP TEAM STORES and then WEDGEWOOD SWIM.  The password is SWIM18.  Order now, the store will close on June 5th!!


Mark your calendar – the Adult Social will be held on June 28th.

Swim Team

Spring Warm-Ups begin Monday, May 14th and full season practices begin on Tuesday, May 29th.  We are certain your swimmers are really excited to get in the water and start the season so please go to to register and to find out more information about the team, including all important dates.  All future swim team emails will go only to registered swimmers so please sign up ASAP so that you don’t miss any future information!

The 2018 swim fees are $30/swimmer for Spring Warm-Ups and $90/swimmer for the full season.  Swim team is a great experience for swimmers in and out of the pool as we all look forward to our usual activities such as Bagel Monday, Pizza Friday, the Swim and Dive Team Breakfast, the Banquet, Swim Meets and B meets!!  Before we know it the pool will be open, the ducks will be hanging from the ceiling, and the ribbons will be ready and waiting for the swimmers.

Wedgewood Team Suit and Personalized Caps

Danzeisen & Quigley is Wedgewood’s supplier for team suits and caps. They are located at 1720 East Route 70 in Cherry Hill. Our team suit is in stock, but you must order your personalized caps by no later than May 21st. Call ASAP!

Personalized caps.  If a swimmer wears a swim cap, it is required to be a Wedgewood cap. They are blue with a white “W” on the side. By popular demand, we are again offering the personalized silicone cap. Personalized caps will have the swimmer’s name (usually last name) in white printed below the “W”. It is much easier to pick out your child in the pool when they are wearing a personalized cap! They are sold in pairs, and the cost is 2 for $26. You do not have to go to D&Q to order personalized caps. Call D&Q at (856) 424-5969 and ask for anyone in the Swim Department, and they will take your order over the phone.

Team Suits.  Our team suit this year is the Nike Cloud (blue) and is shown below. Girls suits come in either Fast Back or Spider Back and are $45, Boys Jammers are $34, and Boys Briefs are $30. The back-up suit will be solid black, from any manufacturer. If for any reason your swimmer is uncomfortable in the team suit, they can wear a solid black suit. Per USA Swimming and therefore Tri-County rules, please note that female suits that tie in the back (many Jolyn suits) are not legal for competition.  The penalty for competing in a suit with a tie-back is a DQ for the swimmer or relay.  These suits are allowed for warm up or practice.

D&Q has periodic sales on swim gear. They are having sales April 21-29 and May 19-28 if you need to stock up on goggles, fins, bags and more at 20% off. Practice suits are 50% off during the sales. Team suits are always sold at our negotiated price. Danzeisen & Quigley is rewarding summer teams on their purchases of team suits and caps! When you make a purchase, let us know what team you are with and D&Q will send your swim team $$$ in July!  If you have any questions, please talk to any of us in the swim department.

Dive Team

Please stay tuned for more information on registration for diving.  We will be back in touch with you next week.


A free tennis clinic will be offered for members on Monday May 28th. Junior clinic will be from 12:00-1:00 and adult clinic from 1:00-2:00.

This year we will be hosting the first annual Wedgewood club Tennis championships. The following divisions will be offered this year, Men’s and Women’s Open Singles, Boys 14 and under, girls 14 and under and parent/child Doubles. Sign Up for the tournament will be available starting May 25th on club bulletin board and will remain open until June 17. The tournaments will be held over the next month to allow for flexibility of scheduling matches. More details to follow.

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