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COVID-19 Update

Wedgewood Swim Club remains closed as per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order, which was extended on May 6th.

We are awaiting re-opening orders, guidelines and restrictions, if any. We are continuing to monitor developments and are hoping to have further information and direction from the State, County and Borough. We intend to open the club, if permitted and practicable, but will need to delay our regular opening. Thus, the Club will remain closed through at least June 5th.

The Board is working to model a variety of scenarios to understand the financial impact of each on our club and bondholders. At this point, there are too many unknowns to determine the best approach. Please know that maximizing value for our members while ensuring club expenses are covered, is always a top priority.

While Tri-County and SJDA have canceled the championship meets, we are awaiting official guidance regarding the swim and dive seasons. At this point, we will continue to delay the opening of registration for these activities.

There is active discussion and consideration amongst State and Borough officials regarding the feasibility of opening the tennis courts with the implementation of proper restrictions. We will be sure to advise our membership as we receive additional information.

We hope to see you all soon!

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