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Wedgewood Diving Hand Spotting Form

Hand spotting is a technique used to help divers learn basic skills in somersaulting and twisting. It involves the coach manually assisting the diver in the air with his/her hands. The primary goal of hand spotting is to increase safety and confidence in the dive or skill being performed. With hand spotting, the coach can assure safety and correct progressions while learning new dives.


Only Wedgewood Diving coaches that are trained in hand spotting are allowed to hand spot the athlete. Hand spotting uses landmarks on the body around the hips, shoulders, legs, and back to spot. Inadvertently, a spotter may miss a landmark. Diver safety must be a priority. 


While participating in Wedgewood Diving it is your choice whether we hand spot your athlete. If you or your child are not comfortable being hand spotted, please make us aware and our coaching staff will use alternative training methods. No diver will lose opportunity or status based on the decision to be or not to be hand spotted. 


I have read the above statement and discussed what hand spotting is with my child.

By clicking Submit, I accept and intend my Signature above to be legally binding and the equivalent of my handwritten signature.  

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