Pool Hours/Calendar


June 22 Saturday through August 30 Sunday
Monday – Sunday : 11am to 9pm
Monday – Friday:  6am-8am the pool is open for Adult Early Morning Swim – sign in required

Special Hours for after Haddonfield Schools resume classes

Monday 8/31: 11-9 (no change)
Tuesday 9/1: 4-9 (previously closed all day)
Wednesday 9/2: 4-9 (previously closed all day)
Thursday 9/3: 4-9 (previously 6-9)
Friday 9/4:  11-9 (no change)
Saturday 9/5:  11-9 (no change)
Sunday 9/6: 11-9 (no change)
Monday 9/7 (Labor Day):  11-7 (no change)

Note:  Weekdays, members and guests are allowed access to all decks, the baby pool, basketball & tennis courts, and playground at 11am.   The swim and dive teams may use the main pool and well till 11:30.


See the new Pool Activities Calendar for special events.